Wonderful night shoot with Katie Dickens in South Georgia to ring in the Halloween spooky vibe! Something amazing about walking around farmland in the cool Autumn air under the light of a full moon. It was crisp, bright, and full of fun.

All of these photos were taken using my Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens. I mounted the camera on a tripod to keep it steady. Some are simple long exposures while others are double and multiple exposures. All we had to work with in terms of lighting was moonlight my car’s headlights.

October 24 was a full moon which not only helped add to the spookiness but offered some unusually strong night time light for my camera to play with.

One the photos found placement as the cover artwork for a new single release by my friend’s in Stages & Stereos. The new song “Hesitate To Kill” was released on Halloween and can be listened to via iTunes and Spotify.

See the cover art along with several other selections from the shoot below!